Equipment Isn't Free
But Your Cash And Credit Lines Can Be

Why tie up cash or existing credit lines when buying equipment and software? LEAF is fast, easy, flexible financing. And it frees up cash and credit so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

The LEAF Advantage

Fast financing for equipment and software

100% financing with no money down

One page credit application

Terms from 12 – 63 months

Competitive lease rates

$1 purchase option lease or loan


Find out why LEAF is one of the most preferred independent financing companies in the industry in our video, About LEAF.


Learn how to save time, money and hassle the next time you need small business equipment and software in our new infographic, 10 Things to Look for in a Small Business Financing Solution.


LEAF Delivers Fast, Easy, Flexible Financing


Get a credit decision within hours.


Leave all the details to your Account Champion.


Finance equipment and software leases on your terms.

Need new equipment or software, fast? Let's get started.

LEAF Gives You A Better Way To Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Equipment

LEAF equipment and software lease financing helps you stay competitive without tying up cash and credit lines. At LEAF, financing equipment is all we do – and we do it better than anyone.

LEAF – The Smart Way To Acquire New Equipment And Software

Flexible financing to preserve working capital

100% financing with no down payment

Competitive rates and fast, friendly service

No end-of-term equipment disposal issues

Improvements to your overall buying capacity

Equipment updates anytime prior to the end of the contract

Existing credit lines remain available for emergencies or seasonal cash fluctuations

Financing for delivery, installation, support and other soft costs

Flexible payments structured to meet seasonal cash flow variations

LEAF Beats Banks In Simplicity

LEAF is not a bank. Financing equipment is all we do and over the years we’ve perfected the process for businesses like yours. LEAF makes it easy to get the equipment and software you need fast, with terms that work for you. We’ve made it our business to understand yours. And we do business the way you do, not the other way around.

Here’s why LEAF is a better choice:

Fast Turnaround

LEAF doesn’t make you wait. You get a credit response within hours.

No Deposit Required

Unlike banks, LEAF finances equipment leases and related costs at 100%, without a deposit.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. But what really sets us apart is the business value we add to every financing transaction.

Single Point Of Contact

Your dedicated Account Champion is a financing expert who knows your account. Got a question or problem? They’ll take care of it fast.

Simple Documentation

Our origination process is simple and a short application is all it takes to finance transactions under $150K.

Flexible Financing Terms

We work with you to create a financing program tailored to your goals, budget and business needs.

Discover The LEAF Lease Financing Advantage


Interest Rate

Down Payment

Credit Impact

Lines Of Credit

Turnaround Time

Soft Cost Coverage

Cash Payment

Interest Rate

No traditional interest, but ties up capital and depletes cash

Down Payment

100% deducted from working capital

Credit Impact

Does not build credit history needed to secure future credit

Lines Of Credit

May diminish capital requirements that will potentially affect bank covenants

Turnaround Time

Complete ownership immediately, assuming all risk and associated costs

Soft Cost Coverage

Requires upfront payment of soft costs

Bank Loan

Interest Rate

Variable for the term of the contract

Down Payment

Typically 10 – 30%

Credit Impact

May report credit issuance to major credit bureaus

Lines Of Credit

Ties up bank lines

Turnaround Time

10 days – 4 weeks

Soft Cost Coverage

Cannot finance freight, maintenance and labor

Equipment Lease

Interest Rate

Fixed for the term of the contract

Down Payment

No down payment required and 100% financing available

Credit Impact

Builds positive credit history by reporting to commercial credit agencies

Lines Of Credit

Frees up bank lines and cash for future use

Turnaround Time

As little as 2 hours

Soft Cost Coverage

Financing available for all soft costs